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Club Sports Manual



CBU REC Services

Club Sports Manual






Important Contacts:

Yann Artur – Coordinator CBU REC:                            902-578-1011 –

John Ryan – Director of Athletics and Recreation:        902-563-1657 –

CBU Campus Security -                                             902-578-2316 –

Max Bell Health Clinic -                                             902-563-1359 -


Club Registration forms are available through the CBU REC Office, please contact by e-mail or by phone : (902)578-1011


CBU Recreation Services operates within the Department of Athletics. The Recreation services focuses on the CBU community at large and manages the delivery of four distinct programs: Open Recreation (non-competitive), Intramural Sports League, Outdoor Recreation and Club Sports.

Sports clubs are recognized student organizations that have been formed by students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport. Club members are responsible for the organization and administration of their club.

Sports clubs aim to promote student driven activities that focus on health, wellness and physical skill development. The clubs are designed to meet individual interests, which can be competitive, recreational or educational in nature. Some clubs may represent the University in sports leagues, tournaments either locally, regionally or provincially. Club may also conduct practices as well as instructional sessions.


Campus Recreation Mission

The mission of the program is to create positive experiences aimed to enhance the quality of life of the students, faculty/staff and where possible the community at large by offering leisure, recreational and competitive activities.

Definition of a Club Sports

The Club Sports Program offers an opportunity to compete in a sport or activity at a level higher than intramural sports. Unlike Varsity programs, sport clubs are self-funded and are responsible for generating required revenue to cover their needs. Where possible the Department of Athletics may contribute some funding assistance to help offset some expenses. The Club requires a commitment from participants for training, competing and leadership as most sport clubs partake in local, regional, provincial championships.

Clubs will consist of an approved group of 10 or more participants who have formally received approval from CBU Recreation Services. The clubs participate in sports that can make significant contributions to the physical fitness of the participant. Therefore, activities, which directly involve the operation of, motorized vehicles and table games or similar pastimes are not approved club activities.


Purposes of the Club Sports

1. To make available, to students as well as staff, faculty and other Recreation Services members of the community, opportunities for the instruction and participation in a wide range of recreational and competitive sports which can develop sound life-long leisure and skills.

2. To provide an avenue for camaraderie in the university community through common interests to develop a feeling of belonging among individuals in the shared pursuit of leisure interests.

3. To develop leadership by providing opportunities for students to organize, administrate and problem solving for individual clubs and/or the Club Sports Council and to become officers thereof.


Common Activities of Club Sports

• Regular participation in a sport                                                                                                                                

• Instruction in a sport for all members of the club                                                                                                

• Activities to promote the particular sport (Demonstrations, presentations, etc)                                                       

• Competitions (could be internally or externally)                                                                                                  

• Social activities


Classification of Club Sports

Club Sports that are affiliated with CBU Recreation Services must meet the goals and objectives that are set by the University and the Department of Athletics. Clubs will be classified as one of the following categories, according to the club’s most relevant category of involvement. The two categories are: Recreational & Instructional, and Competitive Club Sports.


Club Sports Registration Procedure

Should you determine that there is a need for a particular sport that is not offered you may wish to start a new club. A sport club may be formed when a sufficient number of students express a desire to participate in a particular sport. Generally, this includes a minimum 10 interested individuals who have signed on as intended members. Each Club Sports is required to be officially organized with a slate of executive officers. A minimum of three is required. Club officers are responsible for the general function and operation of the club, for the supervision of the club membership, and the insuring of the clubs adherence to the policy and procedures, and for any disciplinary measures due to misconduct or damages sustained by their clubs membership. Club officers must be students within the club, not outside coaches or community advisors.

Club Executive Officers are expected to complete the required forms and submit them to the Campus Recreation Coordinator’s office located in the Sullivan Fieldhouse. Executive Officers are also required to meet with Coordinator of Recreation Services and the Director of Athletics and Recreation to discuss their application of approval, facility reservations, funding potential, and special event requirements. Please note that in making the decision to recognize a student organization as a sanctioned club Recreation Services must consider the university’s ability to support a portion of club activities. It is at the discretion of the university whether there is capacity amongst scarce resources to add any new clubs to the current compliment. A club will not be provided with university support or resources until they have been officially approved and sanctioned. Membership in the Sport Club Program shall be open to all full-time CBU students. 


Steps to request a new Club Sports

Registering a new sport club must include all the following:

1. Become ratified with CBU Student Union

2. Submit a New Sport Club Request Form to the CBU Recreation Services Office (please request forms by emailing when you provide confirmation of ratification).

3. Meet with the Coordinator of Recreation Services and the Director of Athletics and Recreation to review the possibility of a club formation, policies and regulations.

4. Submit the names, Phone #’s, and email addresses of your executive members to the Office of Recreation Services.

 5. Club executive officers must attend / or complete all sport club training requirements to the satisfaction of Recreation Services.

6. Submit an up-to-date sport club membership roster with names, Phone #’s and e-mail addresses to the Office of Recreation Services.

7. Submit Club Sports Waiver Form for each registered member of the club to the Office of Recreation Services. All forms are available on the website and hard copies are available from the Office of Recreation in the Sullivan Fieldhouse.


Steps to Renew a Club Sports Registration

Sport clubs must reapply each year by completing the following procedure:

1: Re-ratify as society with CBU SU

2: All club executive are to attend Sport Club training as directed by CBU Athletics and Recreation Services

3: Complete Renewal Form for approval by Recreation Services (please request forms by emailing

4. Submit a budget for the upcoming year

5. Submit competition schedule.

Please note that your club is not considered official, and therefore will not receive club privileges, until the above steps have been completed.


General Club Conditions

• Persons from the university community must be given preference in situations where the number of memberships is limited.

• Clubs should maintain a 65% - 35% split between individuals from the university community compared to those individuals not from the university.

• The length of Sport Club memberships is to be a maximum of one-year, ending August 31 of each year.

• Members holding a Club Sports Affiliation Membership only have access to campus facilities during approved scheduled club activity times


Club Sports Executive Officer

Club Sports executives collectively have the responsibility for writing their club constitution and by-laws, establishing their schedule, establishing and selecting their coach, scheduling their practice and game times, and developing and administering their club budget. Since sport clubs are self-administered, the daily operation of any club is the responsibility of its officers. The contribution of each officer is vital to the overall success of the club, but it is the president who is ultimately responsible for seeing that the functions are properly run. Clubs must have at least three officers per semester to remain active. Conducting the business of a Club Sports is too large for any one individual. Delegation of responsibilities helps eliminate the impossibility of having one person do all the work and gives other members a sense of value. Since each club is different, the duties of officers will vary from one club to the next. Each Club Sports should have an elected executive comprised of CBU students only where possible.


Executive Officer membership and Roles


• Liaison between the club and Recreation Services

• Inform all club members of all procedures and regulations as outlined in the CBU Club Sports Manual.

• Submit required documentation to Recreation Services

• Ensure the club’s financial obligations are met

Vice President:

• Work closely with the club president

• Assume the president’s duties in the absence of the president


• Keep club financial records

• Prepared budgets,

• Ensure club fees have been collected and paid


• Prepare minutes of club meetings

• Duties as assigned by the president


Coaches/Community Advisors

Many clubs will receive guidance from dedicated community volunteers who are passionate about the success of CBU Club Sports. While we appreciate the integral part these coaches/advisors* it is essential to define their role and responsibility within the framework of a student organization like Sport Clubs. *For the purposes of this handbook, Coaches are defined as those individuals who instruct, or train athletes in a specific Club Sports activity. Coaches should be certified to coach/instruct by the sport’s governing body (or hold equivalent training / experience) and must fill out and submit a Coach Information Form to the Coordinator of Recreation Services prior to commencing work with the team. Recreation Services reserves the right to remove any coach from club participation should safety or conduct concerns arise.


Role of Coaches/Community Advisors

Coaches and Community Advisors serve at the discretion of their club’s members and the Department of Athletics and Recreation Services. Coaches and Advisors are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Sport Clubs are prohibited from making any type of monetary payments to Coaches/Advisors. Clubs may finance coach / advisor travel expenses, but that is the extent of “payments” given.

2. Coaches/Advisors must be aware of and follow all CBU policies and procedures relative to Club Sports.

3. Coaches/Advisors are responsible to ensure eligibility criteria for league competition is met in conjunction with the Club President.

4. A Club Sports is first and foremost a student organization, and, as such, the student leaders (not the coach/instructor) must serve as the link between the Club, the and CBU Recreation Services. The philosophy and key to the success of the Sport Clubs Program has been the continued emphasis placed on student leadership and participation.

5. Coaches/Advisors are expected to help in ensuring that club conduct adheres to University policies at all times (especially those related to hazing, alcohol, and harassment), including when they attend practices or events.

6. Club business matters (i.e. hosting events, submitting forms, meetings, facility requests) must be handled by the student members.

7. Coaches/Advisors must be recommended by the club and renew their application each academic year. Continuation of coaching/advising duties is not a right and will be voted upon by the club membership.

8. The Department of Athletics and Recreation Services reserves the right to ‘revoke’ coaching/volunteer privileges.

9. Coaches/Community Advisors must complete a criminal record check/vulnerable sector check and provide results to the Recreation Services Office before first club practice takes place.


 Club Membership

CBU Student membership:

Sport club membership is open to currently enrolled University undergraduate and graduate students barring any disciplinary restrictions. CBU student must represent a majority of the club’s memberships (65% minimum)

Non CBU Students

Sports Club membership is also extended to the community at large. Recruitment of these members must be approved by the CBU student memberships. All non CBU student must adhere to the same rules and regulations as the CBU student membership, as stated in this document. 

Membership Rules

Each sport club will determine its own club membership rules, but they must be free of any restriction based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability. Clubs may have a designated competitive or performance team within the club structure, but cannot deny club membership to any student or associate member based solely on his or her skill level, provided they are not a risk to themselves or others. Those interested in the club should still be allowed, if they decide to do so, to continue to practice and be a part of other functions even if they are not selected on the competing team. Sport clubs that are having try-outs must ensure that they provide all the necessary information to the Coordinator of Recreation Services in a timely manner so it can be promoted appropriately.


Club Responsibilities

Forms and Reports

Throughout the year, Recreation Services requires that all clubs complete and submit a number of forms and reports. The deadlines for these forms are outlined on the annual calendar. These forms are extremely important for both record keeping and risk management purposes. All forms will be submitted via e-mail by the Coordinator of Recreation Services.



Some clubs have more expenses than other clubs due to coaching/instructors, required equipment, off campus facility and affiliation dues. Campus Recreation Services recognizes this fact and will aim to assist clubs accordingly.

Year End Report

Reporting, concluding activities from the season and preparing for the next season are important to the long-term structure of the club. Report should be an overview of activities, accomplishments, experiences, areas of improvement, as well as financials.


Meetings assist with the communication between the Coordinator and the clubs. There are several meetings throughout the year. The first two meetings are mandatory and the final two meetings are highly recommended

a. Annually a Sport Club General meeting

b. Year End Meeting

c. 1st Term one on one meeting

d. 2nd Term one on one meeting


The Sport Club organizational structure is designed to promote leadership development in students. With individual Sport Clubs being governed by a student executive and the high turnover rate of these student executive, training session will be offered to support the development of the students.


Travel is a fundamental part of many sport club programs. All club members must remember that they are representing CBU when they travel and that they are expected to behave appropriately. In order to reduce costs, club members travel in private or rented vehicles. To ensure that travel is a safe and enjoyable experience for all, the following procedures must be followed for all club-sponsored trips:

Required Documentation

  1. Travel Itinerary - A Travel Itinerary Form must be completed and submitted at least five business days in advance of travel for each separate trip. The Travel Roster is included on this list. All Club members traveling must be listed on the above-mentioned form.  It is extremely important for risk management, liability and record keeping that CBU Recreation Services is aware of every instance that a Club travels.
  2. Driver Authorization Form - To be authorized, drivers must be approved by CBU Recreation Services. To obtain approval, drivers must submit the form at least 10 days prior to the trip. This authorization process does not certify the ability or suitability of the person receiving the authorization to be a good and safe driver. It is always the responsibility of the driver and all passengers of a vehicle to be aware of potentially hazardous situations while driving.
  3. All drivers must be properly licensed. Please note that all Clubs are prohibited from using 15 passenger vans for club travel.
  4. If the club is using a rented passenger car or mini-van, in which there are 2 or more passengers (club members), there must be at least two individuals authorized to drive these vehicles traveling in each car or mini-van.
  5. Drivers must ensure they have adequate liability insurance; the University will not accept responsibility for any injuries or damages sustained.
  6. If traveling out of Canada, members should ensure that they have appropriate Medical coverage. CBU students participating should inquire with CBU Student Union. CBU or CBU Athletics will not cover incurred medical expenses.
  7. All drivers must operate vehicles with extreme caution, abiding by all laws. Individuals accept a heavy responsibility when agreeing to drive. Club members must cooperate fully.
  8. Club members not traveling with the club must inform the club president form.
  9. In case of emergency, the Coordinator of Recreation Services should be contacted immediately

Funds allocation for travel

  1. Each club must have a current bank account with two signing officers; two members of the sport club executive (usually the president and the treasurer).
  2. All specific expenditures must be approved by the CBU Coordinator Recreation Services before any funds are committed. The appropriate forms are available from the Recreation Office or can be requested via e-mail.
  3. Approved expenses will be reimbursed upon the provision of expense receipt to the CBU Coordinator of Recreation Services.


In order to support their program, activities and expenses clubs are authorized to organize fundraising activities, each of which must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Sport Clubs. 

Clubs must outline each proposed activity on an appropriate form and submit it to the CBU  Coordinator of Recreation Services.  Clubs are to be aware of events that will require a license. This can be obtained from the Provincial Government. All major fundraising activities must be approved by the Department of Athletics. The request to fundraise should include details regarding the project, such as the purpose, names of groups/businesses that will be approached, monetary amounts, dates the canvassing will occur, etc.



Several facilities will be accessible to the sports club to host practices, games and tournaments. They consist of the Sullivan Fieldhouse with three gymnasiums, the Canada Games Complex Hockey Arena and the Cape Breton Health and Recreation Complex Indoor Dome, Outdoor Artificial Turf Field, Outdoor Grass Field and full Track and Field Facilities. To access these facilities Sports Club are required to make reservations through the Coordinator of Recreation Services ( or 902-578-1011). Reservations are required for all activities, practices, games and tournaments. Please note that it is essential that Facility bookings be made as early as possible. Reservations can be made for an entire season.

Clubs using facilities off campus are responsible for making their own arrangements. Should any rental fees be associated with these external facilities, their usage should firstly be approved by the Coordinator of Recreation Services.



Equipment purchased by the Department of Athletics is the property of CBU, to the exception of personal equipment which might be used in certain circumstances.

The clubs are responsible for ensuring that all equipment is maintained and repaired when possible. Defective equipment that need to be replaced will have to be approved by the Coordinator of Recreation Services. All cost incurred should be included in the club’s budget. An inventory of all club equipment should be submitted to the Coordinator at the beginning and the end of each season. 

Code of Conduct

Club Sports are responsible to know and abide by all university policies while engaging in club activities on or off campus. Clubs shall be held accountable for the actions of its members.


Club Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions

Each sports club will be held accountable for actions of all club members and coaches both at home or away contests and around the community. The membership should institute strict club standards concerning negative behavior and conduct. Negative conduct will not be tolerated. Furthermore, all club members are to abide by the CBU Code of Student Conduct available at the following link Should issues arise regarding the failure to comply with club policies or procedures, the clubs officers and all individuals involved will be required to meet with Coordinator of Recreation Services to discuss the matter. Failure to comply may result in suspension of privileges or loss of sanctioning, if not more serious consequences that the University deems suitable.


a) Maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of other individuals by demonstrating respect to individuals regardless of body type, athletic ability, gender, ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status.


b) Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as comment or conduct directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious.


c) Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment, where sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual comments, advances or conduct of a sexual nature.


d) Respect the property of others and not wilfully cause damage. Any expense related to damage property or equipment will be the responsibility of the individual(s) or the the club.


e) Refrain from the use of alcohol during competition, during practice, in accommodations provided for my team on overnight trips, and while traveling to and from competition. At all other times, club members over the age of 19 must ensure the responsible use of alcohol.


f) At all times, refrain from the use of illegal drugs.


g) Refrain from the use (and from encouraging the use) of any banned or restricted substances or methods in contravention of the rules of U Sports/CCES.


h) Act in a sportsmanlike manner and not display appearances of violence, foul language or gestures to other players, officials, umpires, coaches or spectators.


i) Behave in a manner which positively represents Cape Breton University while on or off campus, including but not limited to on-campus housing (regardless of being a resident or guest) and at local public establishments (e.g. local restaurants, night clubs and bars)



Hazing is a broad term including any action or activity that does not contribute to the positive development of a person. Actions or activities that recklessly endanger the physical or mental health of a person, or that violates the dignity of another person, activities that are expected of someone to join a group or team that humiliates, degrades abuses or endangers them regardless or intention or willingness to participate are classified as hazing. As such, hazing is a form of harassment.

Some examples of hazing include (but are not limited to):

· Use of alcohol · Nudity · Paddling · Branding or shaving · Creation of excessive fatigue · Consumption of excessive and/or an unusual combination of food · Physical or psychological shock · Quests, treasure hunts or scavenger hunts that involve inappropriate items (bras, underwear, etc.) · Wearing of apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste · Engaging in public stunts and buffoonery · Morally degrading or humiliating games and activities · Any other activity that is not consistent with the law (INCLUDING LEGAL DRINKING AGE)

 Any individual, who plans or intentionally assists in hazing activities, whether that individual is present when the hazing occurs or not could be considered involved in hazing.

This is not meant to inhibit team welcoming activities or team bonding initiatives that are positive and educational in nature or designed to instill a group culture or unity. It is to deter those behaviors that cause or are likely to cause danger, harm or humiliation to another student. Cape Breton University is committed to ensuring that your orientation experiences are positive and inclusive. To this end, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding hazing.


Social Media Networking Guidelines

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it presents many new and exciting opportunities for social interaction and communication. As leaders club members have the responsibility to portray their team, their University and themselves in a positive manner at all times - and protect the reputation of their club and the University. Information shared online is vulnerable to context, circumstance and interpretation and comes with the same rights and responsibilities as offline actions. It is also important to note that while the University does not always police Facebook, Twitter or other similar sites, students may still be held accountable for any online behavior that does not align with CBU Student Code of Conduct. Club members are expected to be responsible and appropriate with their online presence and not to engage in offensive or negative behaviour. As student leaders club athletes represent their university on and off the field and are held to a high standard with regards to modelling appropriate behaviour.


Disciplinary Process

1. When a disciplinary incident occurs, Club Sports representatives will meet with the Coordinator of Recreation Services to begin the review and investigation.

2. The club suspected of violating policy will be asked to prepare written documentation regarding the incident.


3. The Coordinator of Recreation Services will conduct an investigation with the appropriate individuals involved or witnesses in the incident.


4. Upon conclusion of the investigation the Coordinator of Recreation Services will determine a decision and sanction.


5. If the Cape Breton University Student Code of Conduct is suspected to have been violated, Recreation Services will notify the appropriate campus office.